Private Wine Events and Virtual Tastings

What is winecdote ?

At Winecdote, we tell stories about wine. We offer a modern and unpretentious approach to wine education.


Winecdote offers private wine events and (virtual ) tastings to help you learn about wine.

We think learning about wine should be fun. Our wine classes are interactive, include plenty of accessible yet surprising wines from all over the world and exciting blind tasting games!

 Winecdote is founded by Claudia Bastiaensen, who is a certified WSET wine educator and has worked for various wine companies in Paris and London.



An anecdote about wine; a great story about a passionate winemaker, an exciting wine region or a fantastic grape variety.


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Winecdote offers a range of fun wine learning events. On this page you find a description of our most popular tasting classes. You can book your private wine event by contacting

Virtual Wine Tastings

Looking for a fun evening with friends, family or colleagues during the lockdown. Winecdote now offers fun and educational private virtual wine tastings. 

How does it work:
- We will source the wines for you according to your wishes and budget. The wines will be delivered to each participant.
- You will receive a private Zoom link for the virtual wine event, which you can share with the rest of the group.
- The event will be hosted by Claudia, founder of Winecdote and certified wine educator.
- During the tasting, which takes about 1.5 hours, you will learn how wine is made, how to taste wine like a pro, and plenty of fun facts about grape varieties and wine regions.
- The session is interactive and can be adapted to your wishes. If you prefer a specific theme (French wines, Italian wines, sparkling wines, organic wines etc), this can easily be arranged.
- The total cost for a private virtual tasting is £75 plus the cost of all wines (including one set of wines for the host). You decide on the group size (the bigger the group, the cheaper it will work out per participant). 

It is possible to book recurring sessions and learn about different wine themes. Please contact Claudia on for more information and prices of recurring sessions.


A Wine Affair - Introductory Wine Masterclass

UPDATE: Physical events are currently unavailable because of Covid. We do offer virtual wine tastings. 


You like your wines, but you find it hard to choose them or to describe why you actually like a particular grape variety or type of wine? You always go for your beloved Sauvignon Blanc or Merlot and you'd like discover some other type of wines? When you smell your glass of wine, you just smell "wine", and not at all these complex descriptive aromas people tend to talk about?


We can help to make you feel a bit more like a wine pro with our introductory wine tasting class!


During this two-hour tasting class you'll:

- taste five delicious wines from different wine countries and grape varieties

- learn everything about how wine is made

- practice how to taste wine like a pro

- discover different wine regions and grape varieties

- learn plenty of fun wine facts (how to store wine, how to serve wine, how to pair wine with food etc)

Email us now for a great wine learning experience!


Themed Wine Tasting Classes

UPDATE: Physical events are currently unavailable because of Covid. We do offer virtual wine tastings. 


Next to our popular introductory wine tasting classes we offer themed classes as well, such as:

  • French Wines

  • Italian Wines

  • Vegan and Natural Wines

  • Rare Grape Varieties

  • Sparkling Wines

All events are fully bespoke so that they match with your wishes and budget. You decide on the type and number of wines you would like to taste and Winecdote will come up with suitable wine recommendations.

All tastings can be booked as a physical or virtual event, depending on Covid restrictions.

What our customers say about us...

"This class was brilliant! Myself and a group of friends went to the master class last week and had the best time. The blind tasting was a highlight. We 'birdboxed' it with blindfolds to make it even more fun. Claudia was lovely and super knowledgeable. Ive done wine tasting before but this class was much better. Would highly recommend. We will be doing it again. Cant wait."


"The most wonderful and unique experience! I was looking for a real informative wine tasting class, ideally in a relaxed environment and without the hard-selling of wine. When we entered Winecdote, I straight away knew it was just so what I were after. Claudia is extremely knowledgeable, but not only that, she really is keen for her clients to learn and understand. Whether information on the grapes, regions, colour/smell/taste, and production, she’d always ensure we discover the world of wine together. By the end of the two hours, we were skilled enough to analyse for example the country of origin, whether a stainless steel or oak barel was used and what flavours the wine had. I’m definetely back, hopefully for the professional course :) Thank you Claudia!"


"If you like drinking wine, and learning about wine, I can wholeheartedly recommend one of these masterclasses. They're a nice size (there were 8 people the night I was there), and are fun and relaxed. The blind tasting challenge was a fun way to really think about all the way we judge what we're drinking. We tasted five wines: a Cava, two white and two red. In addition, the snacks were delicious and plentiful (breadsticks, olives, mini-salami, crisps)."


"Attended the introductory wine tasting course last Friday night and it most certainly did not disappoint! Knowing very very little about wine beforehand I was slightly worried I would still be way out of my depth even at the "introductory" stage , however Claudia was amazing at communicating the information so it was appealing to all attendees, no matter the extent of their previous wine knowledge. As an after work activity the class was the perfect length of time and we were still fresh and able to carry on the night after it had ended. Thank you Winecdote ! will be booking the next class very soon."



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