Give your partner, best friend or mother a fantastic wine tasting experience with the Winecdote gift card. Every gift card can be exchanged, at a date that suits you best, for a wine tasting masterclass ticket with a maximum value of £45. 


A Winecdote wine tasting masterclass is a fun and unpretentious experience in learning about wine. You'll have a fantastic two hours learning how to drink wine, how it is made, what are the major wine producing countries and what grape varieties exist. You'll feel a bit more like a wine pro and of course there will be plenty of amazing wines to taste!

Winecdote Gift Card (1 person)

  • Please specify the delivery address when placing your order and we'll send you your Winecdote gift card by post. In order to redeem your gift card, send us an email at or call us on 07850195114 and tell us your preferred wine masterclass theme and date. We'll then put you on the guest list (subject to availability). Our latest wine course dates can be found here.